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Dave's Auto Repair
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At Dave’s Auto Repair, we employ the highest standards of service and are genuinely committed to providing each customer with quality automotive repair performed by certified technicians. At our shop, your vehicle will receive only the best...that you can trust!

  • Maintenance Services - Your vehicle's scheduled maintenance and upkeep is a vital factor in ensuring the full life of your car in addition to keeping it running at its best. Discover how Dave can assist you with your vehicles scheduled maintenance.
  • Repair Services - Repairs can be a pain, but it can cause more problems letting it drag out. Our certified mechanics are knowledgeable, and friendly, and can help you through the otherwise painful repair process.
  • Other Services - Whether you just need an oil change, a tire rotation, or even vehicle detailing , we have a variety of other quality services that go beyond just repairs. Discover how we can help keep your vehicle looking and running at its best!