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A Recognition of Excellence In The Community

We have always believed that a business is greatly responsible to the community it serves. For this reason and more we have never compromised our standards of service or our ethics of business. In fact, our commitment to our customers is the inspiring and powerful driving force that compels us to continually search for new ways to improve the quality of our shop and its services for the benefit of our customers. "Honesty, Integrity & Value" is our motto, and as we continue to service our customers of all communities, it is both our honor and unwavering pledge to continuously strive to be our best because our customers deserve the highest standards of excellence!

Voted #1 in Palo Alto | Dave's Auto Repair

Voted #1 in Palo Alto

With Dave's help Ole's Car Shop has won the "Best Auto Repair" award for 2008 by the readers of Palo Alto Weekly. Dave now continues this award winning service legacy at Dave's Auto Repair of Palo Alto California. Since the shop's inception in 2008, Dave has successfully created a genuine automotive service brand synonymous with "Quality", "Value", and "Integrity". Schedule your next Vehicle service appointment with us and discover why customers like you have many endearing sentiments about Dave!

Consistent High Customer Satisfaction Rate | Dave's Auto Repair

Consistent High Customer Satisfaction Rate

Dave's Auto Repair has successfully maintained a high customer satisfaction rate since its 2008 opening. Dave's service continues to excel above and beyond competitor automotive repair stations as a result of each staff members unwavering commitment to providing real quality service while maintaining a genuine loyalty to customer needs and concerns. In addition to the shop's extensive industry knowledge and experience, Dave's Auto Repair consistently evaluates its own service process in order to ensure that each customer receives the highest standard of service with every visit.

These factors and more are essential characteristics that make Dave's Auto Repair an outstanding automotive service station with an increasingly approving reputation for customer satisfaction. Customers like you trust their vehicle service needs in Dave's capable and trustworthy hands. Read our shop testimonials from real shop customers!